Men's Steel Boned Work Out Waist Trainer


Product Description


Improve your posture and give yourself an instant slimming effect with this waist trainer for men. This Brazilian Waist Trainer high-quality shapewear item is made from latex and is 100% cotton lined. 


  • Suitable to exercise in.
  • Men's Slimming Corset/Waist Trainer from Waist Shaperz
  • This is the Men's shapewear equivilant of the womens Waist Shaperz  Shapewear Corset as seen on How To Look Good Naked.
  • Triple Filtered cotton lining provides excellent absorption and perfect comfort for this waist cincher.
  • The Men's waist cincher is ideal for accelerating weight loss through high compression, perspiration and micromassage.
  • You can expect to lose 1-4 inches within 30 days and an immediate reduction in your waistline with this Waist Shaperz girdle.
  • Waist Shaperz Corset is latex on the outside and 100% cotton lined.
  • Your posture and waistline will be instantly and visibly improved with the Waist Shaperz slimming girdle for men.
  • Most kinds of lower back pain will be relieved by this world leading Corset (please consult your Doctor).
  • This Corset has double hook and eye front closures and flexible boning to prevent the Men's Girdle from rolling up.



*They run small so please order 1 size Higher

Sizes are given in inches / centimeters around your waist.

Small: 28-30 inches / 70-76cm

Medium: 32-34 inches / 80-86cm

Large: 36-38 inches / 90-96cm

X-Large: 40-42 inches / 102-108cm

2XL: 44-46 inches / 112-118cm

3XL: 48-50 inches / 122-128cm

4XL: 52-54 inches / 132-138cm